Sessions are offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and include hour long Ballet (PBT) and Skills classes along with 45 minute Tap and Artistry classes. Tumbling is optional, but highly encouraged! For C4 students, each session is $75 (for C4 students), $100 (for C5, C6 and C7 students) and tumbling is $25 (plus tax). Mandatory Nationals rehearsals will be scheduled for each Thursday, 30 minutes per routine. Each routine will be $25 (plus tax) and billed separately.

C4 Sessions:
Session 1: July 6-8
Session 2: July 13-15

C5, C6 & C7 Sessions:
Session 1: June 29-July 1
Session 2: July 6-8
Session 3: July 13-15
Session 4: July 27-29

*All Company members are required to take 3 out of the 4 sessions and enroll in Forte Boot Camp August 3-7!

*C4 students are required to take both sessions