I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian of the dancer(s) listed above, do hereby give permission for the aforementioned persons to participate in any and all classes, programs, shows and events offered by or attended by Debut Dance. I accept all risks associated with that participation and understand that there is the full possibility of serious physical illness or injury. I hereby covenant not to sue and waive, release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages, which may arise now or in the future against Debut Dance and its officers, owners, directors, employees and/or other representatives or volunteers from any and all liability and for any and all damages and./or injuries which may be sustained or suffered by the dancer(s) listed above while participating at or for Debut Dance. Furthermore, I hereby give my permission to Debut Dance to use photographs and/or videos of the dancer(s) listed above as deemed appropriate for the promotion Debut Dance.

Policies and Procedures


  1. ANNUAL FALL REGISTRATION FEE: An annual non-refundable fall registration fee of $27.38 per dancer or $43.90 per family is due at the time of registration and can be paid at the front desk or online.
  2. TUITION PAYMENT: Class tuition is paid through auto debit around the 15th of every month. All auto debit forms must by turned into the front desk by your first class. Insufficient funds will result in a penalty of $15.00. Families may also pay for a semester or full year.
  3. RECITAL COSTUMES & TICKETS: Plan to budget $60.00 (plus tax) per dance class for recital costumes along with $10 (plus tax) for recital tights. Recital costumes and tights are ordered in November. Once costumes are ordered, they are not returnable! Recital tickets for each of our shows will go on sale in early April.
  4. WITHDRAWALS: Registering for our 2019-2020 dance session, it is a NINE MONTH COMMITMENT! You are expected to pay for nine months of tuition whether you attend class or not. If you are new to dance, you have through the beginning of November to decide to discontinue without penalty. If you must withdraw, a written notice must be given to our office manager 30 days prior to the withdrawal from dance class. If a withdrawal is made after recital costumes and fees have been charged, there WILL BE NO REFUND. The only exception to this policy is if a family has to move during the course of the school year or there is an unexpected family emergency. Choosing to drop dance mid year is not acceptable.
  5. DRESS: Dancers must be dressed appropriately to participate in class and have hair pulled back if it’s longer than chin length. The instructors reserve the right to ask your dancer to sit out if not dressed in proper dance attire or if they do not have the appropriate dance shoes. Jeans and school clothes are NOT considered appropriate dance attire. Dancers should wear form fitting clothes (i.e.)…leotards, tights, leggings, yoga pants, shorts, tank tops. Proper dress INCLUDING THE PROPER STYLE OF SHOES for the class helps instructors maximize instruction. Dance shoes and attire may be purchased at Debut’s ONSTAGE Dance Boutique. All shoes must be ordered by November 1st in case they are backordered. Instructors will do a “shoe check” the first week in November to ensure all dancers have proper shoes for weekly dance class and recital. Please review the “Shoe & Dance Attire Guide” attached to this packet.
  6. STUDIO ETIQUETTE: No street shoes, food or gum are allowed inside the dance studios. Water bottles are acceptable to bring to class. Please be respectful of all Debut furniture and property, the studio is not a playground. It is ok to bring food or snacks into the dressing rooms, please be sure to clean up after yourself!
  7. ATTENDANCE: Being a dancer at Debut entails a nine month commitment. Having good attendance is important to the progression of the dancer, as each week skills are taught that build on the previous week’s skills. Dancers with poor attendance slow the advancement of the class and inhibit personal growth. During recital time, if the dancer has missed too many classes and doesn’t know the choreography, the instructor holds the right to pull the dancer from that dance.
  8. MISSED CLASSES: There are no refunds for missed classes. Make-up classes are available as an option, but are not required. IF YOUR DANCER MUST MISS A CLASS, PLEASE BE COURTEOUS AND CALL OR EMAIL THE STUDIO. Regular attendance is essential to ensure the personal growth of your dancer and the progression of the class.
  9. INJURIES: If your dancer is injured, they are still expected to attend class to observe. Please bring a doctors note confirming the injury. No tuition will be reimbursed due to an injury.
  10. CELL PHONES: Cell phones are not allowed in dance class. They may be brought to the studio to contact parents and should be kept in the dressing room. Phones will be confiscated and parents called with any inappropriate usage of phones.
  11. BAD WEATHER: Debut’s bad weather cancellation policy is NOT determined by the surrounding school districts. Weather conditions change or improve rapidly. A text message/email notification will be sent to you as soon as cancellation has been made. We try to make weather related cancellation decision by noon of that day.
  12. BREAKS AND HOLIDAYS: The studio will have a fall break, winter break and spring break. Dance will be held on most school vacation days… (i.e. Parent Teacher Conference days)
  13. ATTITUDES: Debut Dance does not tolerate any type of bullying. Leave gossip at the door!

Privacy Policy


The privacy of your personal information is very important to Debut Dance. We will not sell, rent or trade your personal information to any third party. We will take special care to protect the privacy and security of your information.

This policy explains our information practices and the way that Debut Dance collects and uses your information. This Privacy Policy covers the information you provide to us offline and at Debut Dance web site.


When you register for classes at Debut Dance, we collect contact information such as guardian names, addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, e-mail address and student information such as student names, birthdays, medical conditions, and your comments. Some of the information is required and is noted with a red asterisk on the forms. This information is needed to manage studio business and will not be used or sold for any other purpose, except as described below. Some of the information is optional (NOT marked with a red asterisk). Optional information is requested to help us better understand our customers and is used only as needed for studio business. This information will not be used or sold for any other purposes, except as described below.


When you register, you are required to enter an e-mail address and a password. The combination of that e-mail account and password is used to ensure that only you have access to, and only you have the ability to modify, your personal information through Debut Dance’s website. Debut Dance office personnel have access to your personal information only to manage the studio business.

Debut Dance will access your personal information and/or share it with third parties only for the following purposes: (i) as needed for studio business; (ii) if required to do so by law or to comply with legal process; or (iii) to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of the public.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or if you wish to update or remove any of your personal information, please contact the office.