FORTE PERFORMANCE COMPANY is Debut’s premiere competition ensemble. This group provides students ranging from 1st to 12th grade the opportunity to develop their dance and leadership skills in a positive learning environment. FORTE members not only grow technically and competitively, but more importantly, they learn the invaluable life values of: good sportsmanship, friendship, team unity, discipline, time management, responsibility, professionalism, and leadership.

In general, company members devote two to four days a week to dance classes and rehearsals depending on age and level. Beginning and Intermediate company members spend anywhere from three to ten hours a week at the studio. Advanced to Elite dancers average ten to twenty hours per week rehearsing and taking technique class.

Like with any team, commitment is a key ingredient to success! Attendance is crucial. Students in FORTE have made the decision to make dance a priority. However, many of our dancers are involved in other activities outside of dance including band, orchestra, choir, show choir, dance team, and school clubs. Please be mindful of your dance schedule when committing to other activities. Other extracurricular activities should not interfere with regular weekly dance technique classes or rehearsals. Remember, this is not a recreational group!