1. REGISTRATION FEE: An annual non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 per dancer or $40.00 per family is due at the time of registration.
  2. TUITION PAYMENT: Class tuition is paid through automatic withdrawal from your bank account around the 15th of every month. Insufficient funds will result in a penalty of $15.00. Families may pay for a semester or full year of dance IN FULL if automatic withdrawal is not an acceptable form of payment. PLEASE NOTE: NO MONTHLY CASH/CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Auto Debit Form
  3. RECITAL COSTUMES & FEES: Plan to budget $63.60 per dance class for recital costumes. Recital costumes are ordered in December. Once costumes are ordered, they are not returnable! A non-refundable $63.60 costume deposit is due the first week in November. You may pay for all your recital costumes in full at this time or pay the remaining balance in January. Also, a non-refundable $55.00 recital fee per family will be due the first week in March. The recital fee enables all families to attend any of our three shows without the extra expense of purchasing recital tickets!
  4. WITHDRAWALS: Registering for our dance session, is a NINE MONTH COMMITMENT! You are expected to pay for nine months of tuition whether you attend class or not. If you are new to dance, you have through the end of October to decide to discontinue without penalty. If you must withdraw, a written notice must be given to our office manager 30 days prior to the withdrawal from dance class. If a withdrawal is made after recital costumes and fees have been charged, there WILL BE NO REFUND. The only exception to this policy is if a family has to move during the course of the school year or their is a unexpected family emergency. Choosing to just drop dance is not acceptable.
  5. DRESS: Dancers must be dressed appropriately to participate in class and have hair pulled back if it’s longer than chin length. The instructors reserve the right to ask your dancer to sit out if not dressed in proper dance attire or if they do not have the appropriate dance shoes. Jeans and school clothes are NOT considered appropriate dance attire. Dancers should wear form fitting clothes (i.e.)…leotards, tights, leggings, yoga pants, shorts, tank tops. Proper dress INCLUDING THE PROPER STYLE OF SHOES for the class helps instructors maximize instruction. Dance shoes and attire may be purchased at Debut’s ONSTAGE Dance Boutique. Shoe Guide
  6. STUDIO ETIQUETTE: No street shoes, food or gum are allowed inside the dance studios. Water bottles are acceptable to bring to class. Please be respectful of all Debut furniture and property, the studio is not a playground. It is ok to bring food or snacks into the dressing rooms, please be sure to clean up after yourself! McDonald’s or other fast food will not be allowed inside the studio. You may choose to eat inside the restaurant.
  7. ATTENDANCE: Being a dancer at Debut entails a nine month commitment. Having good attendance is important to the progression of the dancer, as each week skills are taught that build on the previous week’s skills. Dancers with poor attendance slow the advancement of the class and inhibit personal growth. During recital time, if the dancer has missed too many classes and doesn’t know the choreography, the instructor holds the right to pull the dancer from that dance.
  8. MISSED CLASSES: There are no refunds for missed classes. Make-up classes are available as an option, but are not required. IF YOUR DANCER MUST MISS A CLASS, PLEASE BE COURTEOUS AND CALL OR EMAIL THE STUDIO. Regular attendance is essential to ensure the personal growth of your dancer and the progression of the class.
  9. INJURIES: If your dancer is injured, they are still expected to attend class to observe. Please bring a doctors note confirming the injury. No tuition will be reimbursed due to an injury.
  10. CELL PHONES: Cell phones are not allowed in dance class. They may be brought to the studio to contact parents and should be kept in the dressing room. Phones will be confiscated and parents called with any inappropriate usage of phones.
  11. BAD WEATHER: Debut’s bad weather cancellation policy is NOT determined by the surrounding school districts. Weather conditions change or improve rapidly. Check FACEBOOK or your email for any dance class cancellations.
  12. BREAKS AND HOLIDAYS: The studio will have a winter break and spring break the same time as the ICCSD. Dance will be held on most school vacation days… (i.e.President’s Day, Martin Luther King Day and Parent Teacher Conferences.)
  13. ATTITUDES: Debut Dance does not tolerate any type of bullying. Leave gossip at the door!