How do I register my child for class?

Visit our website and click on the ‘schedules’ tab, then click on ‘registration’. The entire registration process should take about five minutes. Be sure to enter your correct email address. We send frequent studio emails with important information to all our families. At the time of registration, there is a $25 registration fee for a single student and $40 fee for families. If you are registering after September 1st, please make sure you visit with Ms. Diane at the front desk about your Auto Debit Form.

How are classes paid?

Class tuition is taken out of your checking or savings account via automatic withdrawal around the 15th of each month. If you wish to opt out of auto debit payment option you may pay a semester at a time or pay for the entire year up front. If you have further questions about payment, please contact Ms. Diane. The auto debit form is available here: Auto Debit Form

What should my dancer wear to class?

Jeans and school clothes are not appropriate dance attire! Dancers should wear form fitting clothes. Leotards, tights, leggings, yoga pants, shorts, tank tops are all considered proper attire for dance class and are all available at On Stage Boutique. Dancers are also required to wear the proper shoes for their style of dance class. All shoes are available at On Stage Boutique. Your dancer’s hair should be pulled back and out of their face. For ALL BALLET CLASSES, dancers are required to wear a leotard, tights, skirt (optional) and hair secured in a bun. Check out our Shoe Guide for your dancer’s specific class: Shoe Guide

How long is a session?

We offer a nine month session that follows the school calendar. The session starts in September and runs through the annual dance recital in May. We also offer three week summer sessions along with week long summer camps during June, July and August.

What’s the earliest age a dancer can start?

We offer “Rockin’ Tots” for ages 18 months (walking) to 3. This class does not perform in our annual dance recital and is an introduction to a dance class setting. Dancers begin taking ballet and tap at age 3 in our Discover Dance class and perform in the annual recital.

What other expenses come with my monthly tuition?

Unless you are enrolled in a designated ‘non-recital class’, each family will pay an annual $55 recital fee along costume fee(s). Plan to budget $63.60 per class for costumes. Dance shoes for beginners range from $20-$30. Recital tights range from $10-$15 depending on size and style. A non-refundable recital costume deposit of $63.60 is due in the first week of November and the remainder of your costume balance will be due after winter break. The $55 non-refundable recital fee is due in the first week of March.

Can my dancer try out a class before enrolling?

Yes, you make sample a class for FREE before fully making a commitment. Be sure to contact the studio in advance so we can prepare for your visit and to make sure there is still space available.

What if my dancer discovers that dance just isn’t for them?

We understand that dance just isn’t for everyone… If your dancer must withdraw, a written notice must given to Ms. Diane 30 days prior to the withdrawal of dance class. You will be required to pay the remainder of that month, along with the next month’s tuition. The recital deposit is non-refundable and if a withdrawal is made after recital costumes have been ordered there WILL BE NO REFUND.

I missed fall registration in August, can I still enroll?

Yes. We accept new dancers through the 1st of November.

Can I observe dance class each week?

Yes! Studio 1 and Studio 4 have a live stream set up outside of the studio for parents to sit and conveniently watch class on large TV. Studio 2 and Studio 3 both have observation windows for the viewing pleasure of parents and students.

My dancer is older and has no dance experience, where is a good place to start and will they be placed in a beginner class with much younger students?

Levels 1-4 are all grouped by age, not by ability. Your student will be placed with dancers of the same age group. If your student is new to dance, we recommend trying a 30 minute hip hop class. This is a great cross over class!